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Our catalogue is filled with fast-selling local and imported consumables.

With high quality products at a highly competitive price points,

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Product Categories

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Contact Adhesive

Used in strong bonds with high shear-resistance such as laminate flooring, wood and footwear.

Cornice Adhesive

Polystyrene Adhesive

High strength Polystyrene Adhesive used for glueing cornices and other synthetic surfaces.

chemical anchor

Chemical Anchor

High strength adhesive for fixing items like threaded rod or metal rebar to concrete surfaces.

Paint Roller

Paint Rollers, Refills & Trays

We distribute a wide range of paint application products, accessories, trays and rollers


Washing Line

High quality, locally manufactured washing line available in 3mm diameter and 30m length.

Spray Foam

Filler Foam

For filling gaps in construction. Useful as a packing material it forms to shape with high insulation value.

silicone sealant

Silicone Sealant

General Purpose Silicone is a permanently flexible sealant that can be used to make waterproof seals for joints, gaps and cracks.

Powr Spraypaint

POWR Spray Paint

A wide spectrum of brilliant colours for paint jobs with a professional finish.


All In One Paint

Our unique All-In-One coating is a paint and a waterproofing compound. Excellent for interior or exterior use.


Quality Wood Glue

A high quality, strong wood adhesive.

crack filler

Crack Filler

We are very proud of our high quality, quick drying, interior and exterior crack fillers.


Rope, Twine & Cord

A wide range of locally produced cord, string, twine, rope and nylon products.

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